About Spinningfields Lifetime Assure

Our belief is that protection is and should be the foundation of all financial planning.’  

Spinningfields Lifetime Assure is a protection team, they specialise in purely protection and have been trained to assess your individual circumstances, identify the risks and liabilities at that point advise and arrange the most appropriate protection.

In an ever more complex market place our experienced advisers are proficient in finding the right plan to suit, wide ranging client circumstances, from medical impaired to business owners and their employees.

Failure to have adequate protection in place can undermine the very best financial plans. Death, serious illness, accident, sickness and unemployment can mean that debts, such as mortgages remain unpaid and savings eroded.

Our recommendation will be designed so that should the unexpected happen, it will have the minimum effect on you or your family’s lifestyle.

Protection is not simply limited to Individuals, couples or families. Life events such as those listed above can have similar effects on those running and owning businesses.


Ensuring that individuals and families are aware of the effect that Death, Serious Illness, Accident Sickness and Unemployment can have on their finances and standard of living of the survivors. Helping put plans in place to wherever possible reduce the risk, help protect the assets of the clients on death and mitigate the effect of inheritance tax.

Business Protection

Ensuring that businesses can be protected wherever possible from the financial effects of the death or serious illness of the key people within the business.

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