Personal Protection

Our belief is that all financial planning should be built upon a solid foundation of protection.

Failure to have adequate protection in place can undermine the very best financial plans. Death, serious illness, accident, sickness and unemployment can mean that debts, such as mortgages remain unpaid and savings eroded.

Our recommendation will be designed so that should the unexpected happen, it will have the minimum effect on you or your family’s lifestyle.

In an ever more complex market place our experienced advisors are trained to assess your individual circumstances, identify the risk to your finances and recommend and arrange the most appropriate protection.

Protection is not simply limited to Individuals, couples or families. Life events such as those listed above can have similar effects on those running and owning businesses.

Life Assurance

Life Assurance is the foundation of any financial planning. The loss of a partner or family member is distressing enough without the worry of being able to cope financially. We will seek to understand the effect the loss of their income could have on your financial security and ability to maintain lifestyle. Utilising either Term Assurance or Whole of Life plans we will recommend the most appropriate and help you in the application process. Where appropriate we will utilise trusts to ensure that the proceeds of such plans are paid to the chosen people at the right time.

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Critical Illness

Serious illness can wreak havoc on both an individual and their dependants financial security. Illnesses such as heart attack, stroke and cancer can cause an individual to never return to work, work in a reduced role or perhaps return to work after a period of convalescence. The complete or partial loss of income can come at a time of maximum stress. Utilising the many innovative products available to us we will recommend the most suitable to mitigate the risk.

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Income Replacement

The vast majority of us are reliant on our income to pay the bills and maintain lifestyle. We have bills to pay whether they are essentials such as mortgage, food and utilities or the luxuries such as holidays, eating out and gym memberships. However what would happen should the income stop? How long could bills be paid and lifestyle be maintained on savings or benefits? These are the questions we seek answers to in order to establish if an income replacement policy would help you mitigate the risk. We have a vast array of policies available to us, ensuring that the most suitable is always recommended.

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Unemployment Cover

It is increasingly unlikely that we will stay with the same employer for all of our working lives. While a career change will often be in our own hands the loss of employment because of redundancy is not and can cause severe financial difficulties. We will assess your attitude to such a risk and look to mitigate where appropriate.

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